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Self-direction, discovery, and a love of learning


Montessori schools are recognized and respected all around the world. They provide a learning environment that fosters initiative and self-esteem and they strive to develop the capabilities of each child while instilling enthusiasm for learning and respect for all living things.


Montessori education is a hands-on, self-paced approach to learning. Children are allowed to move forward academically when they have demonstrated that they have learned an idea or concept. If a child is particularly strong in one area he/she will be challenged to try more demanding activities. Children who struggle in one area will not be held back in all areas of the curriculum, but will be given extra attention and help in the area that they may find difficult.


Graduates of Montessori schools have a wonderful sense of self and a great respect for those around them. They are self-starters and are not afraid to ask for assistance if necessary.

"These words reveal the child’s inner needs; ‘Help me to do it alone’."
Dr. Maria Montessori
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